• Tariana PMS

    Hotel, finance, warehousing, restaurant and ...

  • Tariana BPMS

    BMPS System, Form Builder, Mechanism Reporting ...

  • Financial System

    Accounting, payroll, warehouse, property and ...

  • Transportation Management

    Android and web based, car control and on-line communications

  • HIS System

    All Hospital Processes, RIS, PIS, Reception ...

  • Server Virtualization

    Server virtualization is highly specialized

  • ERP System

    Implementing the ERP system


Tariana Services

Health area

The company has started its activities in this field with the presence of powerful forces specializing in Bioanformatic and HIT fields, along with software professionals.

Web security

By providing the product "Secure Web Designer for Web Applications", Securea secures the security of web-based software at any location. This system was first introduced in Iran and received credible certificates as the best idea of non-oil exports and national design.

Business management

The company is equipped with appropriate scientific resources to organize and mechanize the activities of organizations, ready to provide systems to facilitate the control of business processes of organizations.

Network manager

Since one of the most important activities of the company is software in the field of software and software needs a suitable platform. Communication is a company that is ready to provide services in the field of network implementation, virtualization, and more.



With the development of science and technology and changing the type of organization's needs in communicating with clients and other organizations, organizations need to change their management practices. The most important change in this area is the existence of efficient management software. The company is guilty of the Divine Portal And the presence of its own specialist and academic staff has come up with this.



Our main focus in the company is always to gain and maintain customer satisfaction. In this regard, the support unit as one of the most active and important units of the company, using various methods, is trying to provide the best and fastest Possible responses to requests from dear customers. The presence and deployment of our colleagues at the location of different customers in the far-away parts of the country and 24-hour accountability with the unique number 00983137776090, proves the high importance of support services in the company. Our support solutions include:
1. In-person support with the presence of experts and specialists at the customer's premises
2. Support in-person through delegates and colleagues based in different places
3. Support via WhatsApp 00989132306184
4. Online support with remote connectivity
5. Online support via chat.
6. Support via customer's portal (Ticketing)
7. Support via Email (Email)


Recent projects of Tariana

Tariana PMS


Financial system Tariana

HIS System

Barra Transportation Management System

Our company, under the brand name of Tariana, has started its activities since the late 1990s. The company is promoting its activities with the motto of the "Tariana", the management of science and industry, and with the goal of scientifically developing processes. The members of this company come from the university and industry elite.

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